Tom Jean Webb, b.1982

Tom Jean Webb, originally from the UK, is an Austin based artist who has a deep admiration for the expansive landscapes of the American Southwest. His paintings and sculpture focus on the relationship between the human experience and the natural world and they allow the viewer to reflect upon the personal journeys we all encounter. His poetic, and sometimes playful imagery simultaneously grounds the viewer and reminds them that the mysterious, arbitrary, and sometimes absurd is part of life.


Webb is interested in the space of a painting, physically and emotionally, as well as implied space and real space. His work integrates both the space a painting occupies as well as the space and time that exists between paintings to explore the narrative that is threaded throughout the series as a collective. Webb has played with the painting as an object, in its final form and in the process through which the work was created, to expand upon the concept of space and objectivity of the work. In doing so, Webb’s work encourages the mind to move away from the surface and believe in the 'space' of a painting. 


Directed & filmed by Manuel Taylor-Alococer

Selected Works


Commissions Process

Tom's commission process is simple. The interested client references paintings from the past that they enjoy and we discuss specific themes/colors the client gravitates towards. Tom produces a sketch based off of the images and comments the client provided.

After the initial sketch, the client may want to change certain elements. An additional sketch is complimentary, but we try to reduce too much confusion by charging a design fee to third, fourth, fifth, etc. sketches. We haven’t had to implement an additional design fee because Tom is so skilled at getting to the heart of what the client is interested in quickly. Below Tom worked through an additional sketch after the client asked for the saturation of the colors to be heightened, and the stones in the foreground to be modifying slightly. 

The client approved the sketch, Tom started work, and the final image is below. A 5x4 foot painting that looks incredibly similar to the sketches Tom is able to produce.

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