Uncomfortably Close in the Era of Social Distancing

Ivester Contemporary is proud to present Uncomfortably Close in the Era of Social Distancing, a new experimental, multimedia exhibition by Alie Jackson that traverses the physical and digital realms. Textiles, vinyls wall decals, and augmented-reality merge to send viewers down a solipsistic rabbit hole that examines how our actions may affect our surroundings. By activating the augmented-reality visual and audio components of this exhibition with a smart phone, the viewer is effectively changing the artwork that surrounds them and crowding the space with additional content that exists only in the virtual world. Suddenly, clusters of virtual objects fill, glide, and bounce around the space accompanied by sound design that simulates a crowded room. It becomes unavoidable not to draw comparisons between the experience of the actions we take while experiencing Uncomfortably Close in the Era of Social Distancing and our actions as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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