About Us

Ivester Contemporary is an Austin-based contemporary fine art gallery committed to connecting people with leading 
local and regional artists and ideas. Rotating exhibitions are focused on creating a context for contemplation, deepening appreciation 
for the visual arts, and facilitating a dialog between the artist and their viewers. Ivester Contemporary is located within the 
Canopy Creative Complex in East Austin, a central hub for artists, gallerists, and other creative types.


Our primary mission is to introduce the artists that we represent to a supportive and interested community. It is our goal to 
promote meaningful experiences with the visual arts so that artists can continue to engage with an ever-growing audience. 
It is also our belief that through the arts we are offered the space and opportunity to form a deeper relationship to ourselves,
to each other, and to the world. We strive to curate a program and to cultivate a space that enriches Austin’s appreciation for the visual arts.



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