Tom Jean Webb:


A Mother and Her Sun


March 1st - April 13th, 2024

Ivester Contemporary is excited to announce the solo exhibition “A Mother and Her Sun”, featuring the latest paintings by Austin based painter, Tom Jean Webb. This exhibition marks a significant development in Webb’s artistic journey, delving deeper into themes of presence, positivity, and the artist’s relationship to his natural surroundings. The paintings in this exhibition offer an intimate experience with intricate details and vibrant mark making. The viewer is invited to spend time with each painting exploring each bursting canvas, creating space for contemplation of the scenes represented in each work. Overall color palettes presented in this show imply the dawn of a new day, a new direction, and a positive outlook about the future. “A Mother and Her Sun” serves as both an exercise in mindfulness and an homage to the power of the natural world.

Tom Jean Webb, originally from the UK, is an Austin based artist who has a deep admiration for the expansive landscapes of the American Southwest. His paintings and sculpture focus on the relationship between the human experience and the natural world and they allow the viewer to reflect upon the personal journeys we all encounter. His poetic, and sometimes playful imagery simultaneously grounds the viewer and reminds them that the mysterious, arbitrary, and sometimes absurd is part of life.


Directed & filmed by Manuel Taylor-Alococer



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