Anya Molyviatis, b.1994

Anya Molyviatis (b.1994) sculpts visual and tactile landscapes by unifying her love for fibers and design. With color gradients, weaving structures, and materiality, she shapes space into one with depth and motion. Seeking answers to our questions of well-being by the power of interconnection. 


Bloom, her current body of work, is an ongoing series of three dimensional textiles that are handwoven on AVL Dobby Looms. The work uses dramatic color gradients as well as physical depth and structure to create a multi-sensory experience. Molyviatis is driven by her fascination with the relationship humanity holds with its natural and artificial environment. These meditative textiles are created for interior, built spaces, but are designed to reengage their viewer's with the natural world through an optimistic blend of art and science in the form of hand dyed fabrics and the ancient craft of weaving.


Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Anya has spent her life traversing urban and wild landscapes throughout Europe and North America. After graduating from Aiglon College in 2013, she moved to the United States to study sustainable architecture in California. During her studies she completed a permaculture design course, opening her eyes to the potential of natural systems as well as textile properties. Entranced to learn more about materiality, she moved to New Mexico to apprentice with a master weaver and subsequently earned her BFA in Fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2021.

Directed & filmed by Manuel Taylor-Alococer

Selected Works


Commissions Process

There are two series of works available for commission, the Bloom series, and the Vibration series. 




These works transform spaces into harmonious sanctuaries through intricate three-dimensional structures. They are part of Anya’s fine art collection.




A limited series inspired by Bloom, designed specifically for the Saturdays NYC shop. These pieces constitute a sub-series of Bloom. 

The Bloom and Vibration Series are both entirely made of cotton and mohair. The mohair is pre-dyed and sourced from suppliers between the United States and Europe. The cotton is dyed in Austin, TX at Anya Molyviatis’ studio with reactive dyes. Reactive dyes are the strongest dyes resistant to degradation caused by Ultra Violet Rays. The use of reactive dyes in the artist’s work allows for the final pieces to be presented as an exposed textile. 

The interested client will choose between the Bloom or Vibrations series and either reference Anya's past works, or may choose a specific color palette and size. Anya will create a digital draft, as pictured below, where the client can see the gradient foreground, background, and the combined final draft. 

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