A World Without Waste

Ivester Contemporary is proud to present, A World Without Waste, an exciting and immersive installation by Calder Kamin featuring an artificial forest floor, complete with eleven animals, completely sculpted out of cleaned, stripped, and repurposed garbage. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of sculptural works that began in 2018 and was inspired by different animal’s ability to be resourceful and reuse human plastic waste. A World Without Waste represents a post-human world in which animals and plants continue to thrive, asserting that the “save the planet movement” is really about saving the human species but that Nature will always return. Kamin’s message is severe, but her work also offers an optimistic model of our species own ability to be creative and solve the environmental problems that we’re faced with.

Kamin's creative reuse art projects and public workshops have traveled to museums across the states including The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art American, The American Museum of Natural History, The i.d.e.a. Museum, and the Galveston Arts Center. Plastic Planet, her 2016 solo exhibition at Women & Their Work, was supported by a Mid-America Arts Alliance Artistic Innovations Grant and the subject of an episode for the PBS series Arts In Context. She was the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art Truck Artist, the first Artist-in-Residence at the Beach Museum of Art, and Artist-in-Residence at the DoSeum, San Antonio’s Children’s Museum, which earned Kamin's second Mid-America Artistic Innovations Grant for the culminating exhibition. Kamin recently partnered with Disney to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Little Mermaid to inspire their audiences to transform trash into art.  She sculpted a portrait of Ariel and appeared in two promotional commercials on the Disney Channel.