Fortune Teller

Ivester Contemporary is excited to announce our summer group show, Fortune Teller. This exhibition’s title was presented to a selection of Texas based artists for their own interpretation. Fortune Teller is being presented in reaction to the previous two year’s unpredictability and the future’s uncertainty, but ultimately the goal of this exhibition is to communicate the fact that many of the outcomes we as individuals and as a whole may face are within our control. 

Featuring work by:
Kalee Appleton, Claire Bresette , Jonas Criscoe, Ryan Thayer Davis, Juan de Dios Mora, Eli Durst, Alie Jackson, Tsz Kam, Calder Kamin,
Bradley Kerl, Rachel Livedalen, Ysabel LeMay, Katy McCarthy, Dave McClinton, Cruz Ortiz, Nat Power, Natalia Rocafuerte, Tom Jean Webb, and Sydney Yeager