Luchadores 'ta Pesados

Ivester Contemporary is excited to present "Luchadores ‘ta Pesados", featuring work by the San Antonio based artist, Juan de Dios Mora. This Project Space exhibition focuses solely on Mora’s interest in Los Luchadores, the spectator sport of Mexican professional wrestling. This genre of wrestling is heavily characterized by the use of colorful masks and freestyle form wrestling. The artwork presented includes an array of relief printmaking techniques ranging from linocut to dry point etchings.

Juan de Dios Mora is a University of Texas at San Antonio senior art lecturer who was born in Yahualica, Jalisco, in Mexico and is heavily influenced by his experiences immigrating to the United States' border town of Laredo, TX. His work features intricately carved surreal representations of a "typical" Mexican-American's life, iconography, and beliefs. Mora's objective is to bring people together with sentimental, sarcastic, and satirical themes.

Mora is the first artist with University of Texas San Antonio ties to be featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum (with five recently acquired linocuts). He has also been collected by the National Museum of Mexican Art (Chicago, IL), The McNay Art Museum (San Antonio, TX), the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (Eugene, OR), and Benson Latin American Collection (Austin, TX). Mora has exhibited his work across the United States and Internationally.