New Paths

Ivester Contemporary is pleased to present, New Paths, a solo exhibition of new works by Kalee Appleton that blur the line between drawing, sculpture and photography, while challenging the traditions of photography by exploring technology and materiality. This work investigates the complicated relationship between society and the nature by displaying visual platitudes of idealized depictions of flora. By controlling and restricting the physical frame to a gesture, a mark reminiscent of a photoshop post-production brush stroke, digitally manipulated imagery is manifested into a physical object that wavers from a flat 2D photograph to a 3D object. The digital nature of the altered photographs is repeated or obviously falsified through various digital techniques. This digital-ness is transferred to the physical realm through the display within irregularly shaped wooden frames that contradicts the materiality of what is typically associated with a solid wooden structure and creates a sense of cohesion between natural and virtual motifs.

A reception for this exhibition will be held on March 27 from 7 - 9pm.