Olas de Perturbación (Waves of Perturbation)

Olas de Perturbación (Waves of Perturbation), which features new work by Michael Anthony García, explores the perception and malleability of time through a lens of Latinx Futurism. It is an exploration of the artist’s personal history growing up in El Paso, Texas (unfulfilled past futures,) reminders for a future self and the potentiality in the present.
Through video, sculpture and installation, Michael Anthony García sifts through his youth growing up five blocks from the border, which was then an inconsequential line that barely registered physically or politically as a barrier to him. Now as an adult, possessing dual Mexican and US citizenships, he crosses the barrier of time--the only thing standing between him and the memories--to guide himself to/ using his current understanding.


This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department