The Conceptual Still Life

The Conceptual Still Life includes photography and painting that considers the way food and flowers have been used as signifiers throughout history. This playful appreciation brings together the sensibilities of vintage cookbooks with the visual language of advertising. It nods towards indulgence, symbolism and the Platonic ideal. A vivid, unabashedly feminine take on polished sureness and pleasure to speak about how life is lived by people who make their own pretends.


Denise Prince is an Austin-based, American artist concentrating in photography and film. She is known for using the visual language of advertising to play with and reveal the ways we take pretends as real and to explore being in relation to Desire. Influenced by critical theory at CalArts in Los Angeles, she has worked closely with clinical philosopher and Lacanian psychoanalyst Charles Merward since 2007. 


Her work has been clarified, confronted, and interpreted by psychoanalyst members of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, has been exhibited internationally and has been featured on PBS Television and in Vogue Magazine.