Iveter Contemporary is excited to announce an exhibition of new work by Tom Jean Webb titled, Wildflowers. Approaching the series as painted stills from a fictional movie, Webb created works that revolve around 3 main components - people, place & performance. In this series, there are two main characters and the show hints at the narrative they share and can be interpreted as a physical story that the viewer can walk through and help narrate. Musician Ryan Huseman has created a soundtrack to be played during the show, adding to the immersive cinematic experience. Each painting has its own song. 
Webb is interested in the space of a painting, physically and emotionally, as well as implied space and real space. His work integrates both the space a painting occupies as well as the space and time that exists between paintings to explore the narrative that is threaded throughout the series as a collective. Webb has played with the painting as an object, in its final form and in the process through which the work was created, to expand upon the concept of space and objectivity of the work. In doing so, Webb’s work encourages the mind to move away from the surface and believe in the 'space' of a painting. 
Tom Jean Webb, originally from the UK, is an Austin based artist who has a deep admiration for the expansive landscapes of the American Southwest. His paintings and sculpture focus on the relationship between the human experience and the natural world and they allow the viewer to reflect upon the personal journeys we all encounter. His poetic, and sometimes playful imagery simultaneously grounds the viewer and reminds them that the mysterious, arbitrary, and sometimes absurd is part of life.